Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smurfy's Law

Illustrations from
"Anything that can smurf wrong, will smurf wrong."
  • Despite your obviously superior talent, those underwater wannabes The Snorks steal the coveted 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning time slot.

  • Yes, there is a hot blonde named Smurfette, but there are also about five-hundred other dude Smurfs to compete with.

  • You gather Smurf-Berries all damn day, just to have that bastard Gargamel knock them out of your basket when he snatches you up to put you in a soup.

  • You get the Blue Plague from one of Azrael's fleas.

  • Yes, God did give you a fierce mane of helmet-like hair, and let you become Governor... But you are still likely going to be indicted on federal corruption charges.


Sidd said...

Do you remember Precious Pup from the cartoons? Recall that asthma-like laugh of his? Your post infected me with that laugh. Will it go away?

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