Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zombies Overtake Wal-Mart!

Black Friday.

The popular shopping day that officially begins the Christmas shopping season; named so because the stores go from "red ink" into the "black ink" zone of profit.

I've decided that this day should be renamed to The Running of the Fools. It's like the Spanish Running of the Bulls, but instead of snorting, stomping beasts that try to trample people, you have snorting, stomping people trying to trample other people.

Sometimes they succeed. This poor person was at his Wal-mart job at five o'clock a.m. trying to hold back crowds until opening time when they went ahead and trampled him to death in pursuit of the great deals! Come on. What does Walmart actually have that is worth knowingly stepping on and over another human being to get to? Damn. Can you imagine if some catastrophic thing happens and people actually need things to survive, like water or food? If an angry mob is willing to kill you for standing between them and the 20% off sale on big screen televisions then I am definitely stocking up on canned foods and bottled water, just in case.

This is insane. I can imagine this unthinking herd, minds only focused on beating the others in line to whatever pointless bauble they are fixated on, not even noticing the human being they are stepping on to get there. No way in Hell would I go out on Black Friday. They need to get ex-Hell's Angels to work the door for them. If anyone so much as tries to break out in a sprint they get a knee cap taken out.

Seriously, what the HELL is wrong with people?


Blicky Kitty said...

Can you believe how insane and horrible it is? This person lost their life because people are so desperate to get what, 10 bucks off?

They would probably make more money shooting someone and stealing their wallet -- as long as that person didn't work at Walmart...

minerva1822 said...

black friday is SOOO pointless...the only reason it is popular is because it does start the holiday season and most store do it all on the same day..but hello..if people were intelligent enough they would realize that store have sales all year round like this...kohls has them about every 3 month come in saturday only from 10-2..shit like that...its ignorant and i ignore did your thanksgiving go?..we went to marks brothers''hated the food so i cooked our own little thanksgiving yesterday and it turned out great..i was quite proud of hope all is well hun..take care

Constructive Attitude said...

haha. so true. black friday is sooooooo overrated. and i completely agree about people being desperate for these so called sales.

and i was watching a video someone took of what happened at that one walmart, and people were LAUGHING about it. it made me so upset. i hate shoppers.especially during holiday seasons.

Nicole' Happiness said...

Hey sweety how was your thanksgiving. We had a good one it was just our little family but it was nice. I called you but no one answered so Happy Late Thanksgiving from our little family to yours. I went to the Newboston walmart on black friday the store never closed so no one trampled any body!!!! I didnt go for the TV's I went for pj's for the boys lol I got Nicolas and Layne one of those V-flashes and a V-smile for learning. they'll through it back in my face more than likely I got your brother a work out bench and a bad ass chain well call me I miss you and my little weeloo!!! lub u hugs and kisses from the boy's

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