Sunday, November 23, 2008

Violet's Fun, Cold Day

Today was warm enough to let Violet trek outside for a bit. She played on her new (actually used, but new to her) swing and slide. Then we took her on a little wagon ride. Her nose was getting red from the cold but she still screamed when I had to bring her inside.


minerva1822 said...

awww sounds like she had a fun day!...she looks adorable in for kicking and screaming to go inside..i feel ya..breanna throws a tanrtum anytime we go outside and have to come back'd think we were taking them to some secret torture chamber or

Autism Mom said...

Aww, look at that little boopy! She looks so much like you (well, to me anyway...)

And by the way, I didn't really find a rock that looked like Vince; I was just being silly. (besides, if I had found one I'd sleep with it in bed next to me at night...) ;)

*mary* said...

Some people think she looks like me, but mostly people say she looks like Jeremy. People who knew me when I was little can see more of me in her I guess. If I get to scan some baby pics of Jeremy you'll see a huge resemblance.
He grew up in the house we live in now, and I found baby pictures of Jeremy doing some of the same things here that she does. It was weird. One shows him kissing the mirror in what is now Violet's room, which is something she does alot. It's funny.

Autism Mom said...

I think the biggest resemblance I see is in her eyes and eyebrows. (that probably sounds weird, but...)

People think Celest looks more like me than Lotus, and I think it is mainly because we both have broad foreheads compared to our small chins (yes, I just described a head that is shaped like an egg...).

Lotus was born second, so she has a nice, round head! :)

controlled chaos said...

Aww she's soo adorable!!

Constructive Attitude said...

Aww I had a red wagon just like that when I was little. My siblings and I always fought over it.

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