Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Coolest Tree On My Block

Unfortunately it is in my neighbor's yard. They probably think I'm crazy because I take pictures of their tree, but oh well. The setting sun faces the back of my house, and since I have neighbors right out my back door I can't really go watch it from there, so I have to settle for the sun reflecting from this huge tree across the street.

It's is a giant, standing defiantly over the suburban blandscape of look-alike houses and tacky plastic yard decor. This tree is practically becoming my (inanimate) hero! It's so bad ass it doesn't even have bark, as if to say to these other tiny trees and wimpy pruned hedges: "Yes, it is freezing, but I am such a viking I don't need any bark." Bask in the glory of the Viking Tree!

(Their rooftop barely comes to the bottom branch you see in this picture. )


Constructive Attitude said...

that IS a cool tree!

trees over here are pathetic. its so sad.

minerva1822 said...

its beautiful! what if your neighbors think your weird...just shows their lack of class and vision :)...nature is awesome

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