Monday, November 17, 2008

Mmmmm, Delicious Miracle!

I'm sure that everyone has already seen or at least heard about the miraculous Obama toast. If not, here's a carb-filled "miracle" that will make your soul gain a few ounces just by gazing upon it:

Is that angels I hear?

Apparently this just miraculously appeared on a slice of toast... RIGHT. Um, I made a slice of toast with Marilyn Monroe's face on it years ago. No divine powers needed. Just some aluminum foil, an Exacto knife and even a passing knowledge of facial composition and negative space. Oh yeah- and really NOTHING else productive to do!

So, yeah, they told some far-fetched story about how the Hillary campaign people were trying to procure it, but they wouldn't sell it to them. Then they posted it on Ebay! Hahaha.
The "Obama Miracle Toast" is an obviously manufactured "miracle" along the lines of the dumb ape costume/ Bigfoot hoax. That at least makes it funny. The ones that really make me worry for humanity are the "real" or perceived miracles; the obvious example being the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese. That poor lady truly believes (at least claims to) that the sandwich is some sort of divine message. People showed up by the hundreds to worship at the Altar of Cheese. The Heiner's, the Cheese and the Holy Toast! (Apparently it wasn't so divine that she was above selling it a few years later. Maybe it was getting moldy and she took that as a sign to get rid of it.)

If anyone, this grilled cheese face looks like more like Marlene Dietrich than the Virgin Mary.

This phenomenon has a name: Pareidolia. The mind naturally tries to find patterns in random data, hence seeing faces in inanimate objects. So it's actually genetic hard-wiring, not divine intervention on rye. Sorry.


minerva1822 said...

thats some funny shit right there...all HAIL BREAD!!!..hahaha
people are lame and bored..thats all this explains.

i must say mary you have the most intersting blog ive ever read..i love you!!

minerva1822 said...

for a change we actually got up at a half way decent hour today...11am...breanna has yet to take a nap (its 6 now) and im not going to let her have she will go to bed at 9 and STAY asleep so im not so damn i feel your pain on the late naps hard not to let them sleep for several place is a 1 bedrrom apartment believe it or not...its bigger than the place we had in huntington!!...its just really open..the bedroon is big enough for 2 and has a huge walkin closet ( where i keep breanna toyboxes) it worked thing is its 600 a month not including utilities and thats about as cheap as it gets for being clean..its the "illusion" of clean..haha...anyways if your on yahoo later ill be here...take care hun..give violet a kiss for me!

Autism Mom said...

Next thing you know, you'll try to say that I didn't really have the outline of Jesus on my sweat drenched workout shirt! I mean, really. Just because you aren't blessed with miracles you're bitter.
Oh, and guess what, the other day I found a rock with a striking resemblance to Vince Noir (when he was King of the Mods)! I suppose you'll try to say that I just wanted to see that and that it wasn't some sort of sign that I'm destined to see the Mighty Boosh live! You're just a non-believer...

*mary* said...

Wow, why didn't you keep that Vince Noir rock, dummy?! EVEN I would buy that from Ebay! lol. Hey, remember that potato chip that looked just like Abe Lincoln's profile when we were kids? Now THAT was cool. AND delicious!
PS- If you go to London and see Mighty Boosh live without me I'm going to cry. Just so you know.
PS, part two- WHY aren't you a "follower" of my blog? I just noticed that. Okay, now I AM gonna cry. Thanks, sis.

controlled chaos said...

omg that was too funny!

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