Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's New: Pussycat?!

Here are some of the events that have occurred since I last updated:
  • The Neighborhood got together and decided that we would be the house to take in Scavenger Kitty for the winter. Who cares that we have a toddler, a chinchilla, and a two-hour job commute? The Neighborhood has spoken. There is no recourse.
  • I was holding the chinchilla on my chest when he nibbled the diamond loose from the ring I wear around my neck. He didn't swallow it, at least. It clinked to the floor. It's being repaired now.
  • I was reading random blogs, one of which sported a music playlist. Suddenly "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys was blasting unexpectedly. Violet ran in with an expression of such glee; it was as though this is the song she has waited all eighteen months of her whole life to hear. Good thing she can't understand any of it.


minerva1822 said...

post an ad in the paper or go to the store and post a flier about a free kitty..maybe then savanger kitty will have a good home and will be off your hands..lol.
man that sucks about your ring..reminds me i need to get mine fixed..a diamond fell off mine while being a nerd playing with mark on playstation one day..go figure..just goes to show games are bad for you..and your fine jewelry. im glad to hear chiru didnt swallow it and choke..or just swallow it period to wait for the diamond to come back a few days later..lol
breanna's song of glee is dresden dolls "coin operated boy"..our children have the strangest taste..wonder where they get it from??...lol...anyways hope all is well there in the home front chica..ill call you soon

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