Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, The Spooktacular Blog Post!

Okay, so maybe it's not that spooky, but still.
So, I just got back from early voting. There was actually quite a line considering how small this town is, and right before closing time, even. I'm not going to say who I voted for, but just remember that it is a possibility that I wrote in my own name. I wouldn't... or would I? You may never know. Unless I start blogging from 1600 Pennsylvania Drive, that is. (And what ever happened to giving out stickers at polling places? Not one "I Voted" sticker for Violet today or at the primary voting place. What's up with that?)

Today is not only Halloween, but also my sister Laura's birthday and my anniversary! Happy birthday, Laura! Happy anniversary, Jeremy/ Me! Happy Halloween, Everyone Else!

Last night was trick-or-treat night here. We handed out candy, which we grossly underestimated in volume what we would need to see it through. Our small street was flooded with literally hundreds of people. Apparently we live in the sweet spot where trick-or-treaters flock to annually to get the best stuff. We had a huge bucket full of candy, plus five packs of candy bars. We were depleted within thirty minutes! At that point we took Violet around to about eight houses on our street so she could experience trick-or-treating from the other perspective: candy-getting! I think she actually enjoying handing it out to the kids more, because she got to see all the costumes close up, on her front porch.

Here's Violet- I mean Nurse Violet. As you can tell she just got home from a long shift at the doll hospital and she's very tired. Yeah, I didn't quite finish her UglyDoll costume, but when I do I'll post pictures."Now which one of these was I supposed to give? Hmm, eeny-meeny-miney-moe..."And since Violet can't partake in the candy-consuming festivities I gave her a Moxy (the pink one) UglyDoll as a Halloween gift, seen here posing with her Minimum Wage UglyDoll. I also made her some yummy pumpkin spice cupcakes, minus egg and milk of course.

Happy Halloween!


minerva1822 said...

She is too cute!!...Her little nurse outfit is adorable. I cant wait to see her uglydoll outfit though..make sure you post pics when you finish it!! Happy Halloween!

minerva1822 said...

awwww im sorry not everything went as planned hun...putting things together sucks..i hate it and mark and i are the same way...everytime we have to do something along those lines we always end up
Good luck tomorrow my dear..try to get some sleep tonight..i know im going to
ill give you a call tomorrow either before or after mark gets off work.

Nicole' Happiness said...

just wanted to say happy late halloween the boys had a great time well november has started and all the bad stuff that comes with it i cant wait till december lol well hope to here from u soon love ya shannon and family

Sidd said...

Love the Halloween pics. Violet is color coordinated with her new Moxy.

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