Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, I mentioned earlier that Violet was given a bunch of Play-Doh at the park today. We decided to try it out this evening. It was fun helping her make her first Play-Doh creations. Well, it would be more accurate to say that I made them and she destroyed them. It was still fun. She had to resist the urge to eat the stuff. She kept saying, "Mmmmm," and putting it to her face. It will never be left with her for one second without my supervision. She would feast upon it for sure.

Here is our creation, after Violet sniffed him and thought about devouring him several times, and smashed his mouth half off his face. Following that is his (quick) deterioration into an unrecognizable lump of dough. Do not weep for him. It is the cycle of life.

Warning: The following photos may be disturbing for some viewers.

Here he is (with Bossy Bear!) already having the smile wiped right off his face by Violet. She even wiped the evil grin off the skull's face on the poor guy's t-shirt. Brutal. He looks like a slobbering drunk. (No crude comments. I know, I know!)

Off with his head!

And this was what was left of him.

And here is her Jack O' Lantern. I finally carved him up and put a candle in him because he was getting mushy.


Arroyo said...

XD How awesome, Aunt Mary. I love you very much

Sidd said...

Cute pumpkin, and really cute little sculpture you made. Violet the Destroyer must be tired after a hard days work.LOL

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