Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Didn't Get The Memo...

You know, the one that said, "Grow up!"
But is it really so bad that I have been playing with Violet's Play-Doh more than she has? Not in my opinion. The strange part is when I feel compelled to take photographic proof of it and post it on the internet. Now that is weird! Haha. These photos are my gradeschool artwork and the web is the fridge on which they shall be proudly displayed!

Check out our latest creations: modified existing toys!

First, Hello Chthulu (pirate edition!)And here she is again, with her backing band of a weird black cat and the yellow guy from the '80s cartoon, The Snorks. (He looks different from what you remember because, well it has been a long time, plus he spent a few years on heroin.) You know you love it!


Sidd said...

Get out the Fimo, make and bake, and sell on the internet. I LOVE these!

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