Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Snap-Happy Day, So Far

When I went to my porch this morning there were at least two dozen huge birds circling overhead, so I grabbed my camera. Of course when I went back out they were too far away to get a good shot, but I kept my camera with me and got these photos instead. Good thing, too, or you may have missed out on the excitement of my day!

First, the scavenger kitty was up early begging for food. She always brings a gift back to me for feeding her, so I've been leaving it up to the neighbors to help out. (You may recall the snake from a few weeks back.) I don't want to hog all the fabulous prizes for myself! This week alone I've already gotten two dead birds!

Next up, after breakfast Violet decided she wanted a snack. The ever nutritious "Chicken In A Biskit" crackers, which in my attempts to fatten her up a little I let her have. I'm a vegetarian and they sound totally gross to me, but she likes them. What you don't get to see is how she turned the whole box over onto the rug. I would have taken a picture so you could enjoy it, too, but I was busy sweeping them all up. (Please note: Violet's hair all falls forward from the crown, so some of that hair is NOT bangs, but the longer side pieces falling in her face. I DID cut her bangs crooked, but lord, not as bad as it seems here!) Then we went to a family reunion, but it was not our own family's. Yes, strange as it seems, we visited a friend and his daughter at their family's reunion in the park. Violet made off with a bag full of candy, bubbles (well, not actual bubbles, but the liquid that makes bubbles, wiseguy) and a dozen little containers of Play-Doh! So, yes, she had her first bite of Play-Doh today! At least it only has wheat; no milk or eggs! I checked. Here she is with her friend.
On the way out of the park I snapped these trees by the lake. The colors are awesome. Too bad I only got to get them while still in the car. I definitely want to go back when more trees start changing colors soon. I love the fall!


Sidd said...

Awesome colors on the trees! Go back, take more, post em! :)
You made me recall the taste and smell of play-dough. Very salty in the old days. Do they make low-salt play-dough now?
You are very kind to the very cute but murderous cat. Lucky kitty. Are cat lovers going to flame me for that?

*mary* said...

Hey, it's only the truth. That kitty IS murderous. I think she's preggo, too.

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