Friday, October 3, 2008

I've got a six pack and nothing to do...

Joe Sixpack here.
I don't even know what to say about the Vice Presidential debate last night, except that it was enough to make an atheist cry out, "Why, God, why?"
Every time Sara Palin said "maverick" my soul died, just a little.

And then there was the bailout.

I think I actually do need a six pack after the last 24 hours.
Good call, Palin.


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

What really irks me is how McCain constantly rags on Obama for having a lack of experience and then he turned around and chose someone far less experienced as stand-in president and he still continues to rag on Obama.

Blicky Kitty said...

mmmm...yummy beer make talking points sound even better. Makes me want to put make-up on pigs and mean dogs.

Sorry, for some reason whenever I think of Palin I get taken over by brain-eating amoebas.

I'm still processing and thinking of a comment for one of your earlier posts, but the amoebas make it slow going.

Sidd said...

I'm not a hater, but I hate Sarah Palin. Hate my not be a strong enough word. Double hate! That's it! Anyway, I am peeved. She makes me actually yell at the radio whenever I hear her voice. Than I say, "Is that me? Did I just yell at the radio?" Say it ain't so.

*mary* said...

I know. It totally baffles me that she was ever MAYOR, much less Governor, of any place!
Each night I lie awake, trying to drown out the horror of all the "You betcha," "gosh," and "Maverick" nonsense I've heard throughout the day that incessantly replays in my head.
Her very voice is abrasive to my soul.

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