Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections, Earaches and Whatnot

The other day Violet's dietitian was here and she asked how often Violet has had a fever. I didn't want to answer her, but I had to. "She's never had one." I knew at that moment that she'd have one before the week was out. Today my poor baby had her first fever, due to an ear infection. Not bad, still, for eighteen and a half months. Good to know my ultra-sensory superstition is still working, too.
I'm glad I did the early voting thing because I've heard that today's lines were pretty long. Hopefully you all voted! If not- you still have some time! Get on it.

Oh, and I just noticed that in my last post I wrote Pennsylvania Drive rather than Avenue. That's okay because when I am elected President I am changing the name to "Transylvania Corner" and will have gargoyles installed on the roof and a labyrinth hedge in the front yard.

Vote for me!


minerva1822 said...

awwww poor baby!!...ear infections suck!!...i hope she is feeling better now...how are things there other wise?...anyways elections = BLAH to me..im not voting this year i dont like mccain or obama..i feel we are all going to hell this year...haha...anyways violet looks so cute in the pics..i love her jacket...anyways hope all is well take care hun.

minerva1822 said...

yuppers i am a capricorn...lol
my birthday sucks donkey balls its the day before christmas..lol

get on yahoo

Sidd said...

You have MY vote. And I think you should paint the White House and rename it too.

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

hilarious! I love your "ultra-sensory superstition is still working, too" comment. lol.

minerva1822 said...

DUDE...i got curious and was reading your actual profile..lol...i saw you had an audio clip...wtf is that??..and who is it?...it made me laugh

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