Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jewelbox of Sadness

On this evening, eleven years ago, Jeff Buckley swam into The Wolf River in Memphis, singing along to Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" that played on a boom box on the shore. Sadly, an undertow from a passing boat pulled him under, and one of the greatest voices in music was lost forever.

I was so sad as the days passed and he was still out there somewhere. I knew he had drown, but a huge part of me was hoping for some sort of miracle. I scanned the news daily, hoping to see "Singer Jeff Buckley Found Alive!" Alas, that never happened. His body was spotted in the water on June 4th, near Beale Street: "The Birthplace of the Blues."

I still listen to Jeff's music. My copy of Grace used to be my secret little treasure. No one else really knew who he was, and I had him all to myself. However, a voice that beautiful should be enjoyed by all, so I turned many people into Jeff-fans over the years.

Jeff Buckley, you are missed. You were so real.


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