Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been breastfeeding...

-for one year, one month, one week and four days... and boy are my nips tired!
Violet shows no signs of self-weaning, and although she excels at the sport I lovingly refer to as "Extreme Breastfeeding" (in which she not only nurses but does headstands and backflips while doing it) I am not going to force her to wean before she is ready.
In Mommy news: I am rereading some old books while I wait to get some new ones. The one I just finished was "All Quiet on the Western Front," Erich Maria Remarque. Wow, I had forgotten how completely depressing this book is! I haven't read it in over a decade. It is especially poignant now, during wartime with young men and women dying all the time. (In case you have never read it 1. You should! 2. It is about a nineteen year old soldier during WW1 and how he knows nothing of life but despair and death after three years of war.)
Now I've starting reading (again) "Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Tim and Jeff Buckley." Hope my Amazon package gets here soon! I want NEW things to read!


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