Thursday, May 29, 2008

LOST season finale, GRRR!

So I just watched the season finale of LOST, and while I'm glad that some questions were finally answered -I am SO pissed that John Locke was dead at the end! He is my favorite character. :( I had been hoping this whole time that it was anyone but Locke... but I haven't given up hope yet. As you know, stranger things have happened on the show.

Penny and Desmonde are together again at last. That's good.
Jin was on the boat when it exploded (although I don't think he's dead.) That sucks.
Sawyer stayed on the island and is hanging out with Juliet. Don't have an opinion on that one yet.

I also had to keep a grumpy toddler under control during this two hours, so I'm sure there are things I missed. I wish I still had DVR so I could watch it again later!

*** Edited to add this thought: That kid Aaron is amazing! Claire mysteriously disappeared into the night and left him, and today's episode is presumably at least a day or two later, right? Umm, WHAT is that baby eating? He has been breastfed since birth and there has been no mention of that at all. I understand suspension of disbelief and all (black smoke monsters, disappearing islands, dead people talking, I know!), but address it somehow people. That baby has barely made a peep even though his mother and only source of nutrition is gone, then he is in a helicopter crash into the ocean and they barely dub in the hint of a whimper. Poor kid!


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