Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I am tired. No, delirious. I am grungy. The baby has been wanting to eat throughout the night so slleep is broken up weird.

I saw something awesome for Violet on ebay today and waited too late to bid. :( It was a collection of vintage violet pins and brooches. Man I am so dumb for not bidding! I had just got up and was in a haze already. There were thirty-two of them ! Thirty-two! They were all so pretty too. Man I am stupid! They went for practically nothing. I am going to collect nice things to give her once she's older. There is still a pretty locket I want to get for her.

My older sister is going to visit soon. It will be the first time she meets Violet. I haven't seen her about two years now. I miss her and my nieces.

Shower now then hopefully some sleep.


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