Thursday, May 31, 2007

hot as hades...

I try to get online for a minute at night, once Daddy is home and can sit with the girl. The room our computer is in is so damn hot though I have barely been posting. (Honestly, doing anything else either!) The apartment doesn't have central air and it is miserable. I want to move. This place is too small for us and the kitties. I can't even leave the door open for air because we sort of live in the ghetto. Also, trying to use the laundromat with a newborn is too much. We need constant access to a washer and dryer. This was proven today when I woke up to me and Violet lying in her poop. She hadn't went for three days so she made up for lost time- all over the sheet and her little onesie. Her diaper didn't stand a chance.
:( Scrubbing things out by hand after getting her bathed was not cool. That leaves germs. So again, we need to move to a bigger place that we can have a washer and dryer in. F#$& the frontier life!


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