Saturday, May 19, 2007

Greetings Earthlings

Hello everyone out there in "The Internets!"

It is nice out today, so I am going to get the baby sling on and take the Wee Little on a walk. I think I'll take some pictures today. I have been slacking on that. I don't think I have really used my camera out in the daylight yet.
Here's Violet in her new swing. Wow, she's gotten so big already. :(

On a different note- DAMNATION! The spot where they put the epidural really hurts like hell. One more reason I can honestly say that getting it was a mistake. The others being a. I don't think it was necessary and b. I have been kind of bummed out because I feel like I cheated myself out of a big part of the experience. During delivery I was just sort of there. I had to be told when to push because I didn't FEEL ANYTHING. That sounds weird I know. You would think that is a plus, right? I don't know. I think the pain was built up so much by everyone I ever spoke to, and most had the epidural themselves, that I was so anxious in waiting on the pain to start I gave in and got it. At 5-6 cms dilated and 70% effaced with regular contractions I really wasn't feeling the pain yet but let myself be persuaded into getting numbed up. If I was handling it fine at that point I know that I would have made it through the rest just fine. Our bodies are made to handle it.

Wow, I sound like a dity hippie. haha.


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