Sunday, May 20, 2007

pixies girl

I just gave little Weloo her bath. This is her in her Pixies onesie (courtesy of Jenny, who rocks and made it for her.) I need to get her picture in the Melvins onesie and the skull & crossbones onesie Jenny also made for her before she outgrows them. This pic wasn't the most clear because I didn't use flash and my room was dim, but I like the face she's making in this one the best, so it wins.
Violet enjoyed the park yesterday. It was her first time there. We actually strolled rather using the mayawrap. That is due to technical difficulties. Technically speaking, I am too damn impatient (or is it stupid?) to get the damn thing threaded correctly. It annoys me greatly. I don't want to think about it...
It is almost time for Daddy to be home. Now that Violet is sleeping and being peaceful, that is. I need to make something for us to eat. We are nocturnal. having dinner after 11:00 pm definitely qualifies us. Violet has been eating all day, however. I need to pump some milk so Daddy can help feed her too. I just don't know ehen to pump b/c I'm either feeding her or resting my arms so I can start feeding her again. They aren't kidding about this being a full-time job. It's cool though.
well, starvation is calling. later kids!


Molly said...

Just stumbled on your blog, and I must say--what a beautiful baby! Congratulations. :)

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