Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One month already!

So it has been almost a a full month since I had my baby girl. Hence my not posting. Wow... I thought people exaggerated the no sleep thing. Now I know better!

I had my very first mother's day. It was nice. I stayed home with my little Wee-loo (now Iunderstand the weird nickname thing too. Who knew?) I got flowers and a nice frame for the baby's first picture.

Breastfeeding is going well, despite people's unsolicited advice that I "give her some formula. She seems unsatisfied, needing to eat so often and all.." No thanks, she is fine. Gaining weight, rarely spits up. No stomach problems or excessive crying like the formula babies I've babysat.

I'm already dreading the thought of going back to work. I can't imagine entrusting my 3 month old to daycare at this point. I suppose I'll deal with that when the time comes. Definitely thinking of a way around it if possible. I haven't had a real chance to get out and walk like I've wanted to. Soon...

Also- about vaccinations: the stae I reside in it is mandatory unless you have a medical exemption from a doctor. Working on that now. I'll move if necessary. My family doesn't metabolize the Thimerosal in the vaccines and not all vaccines are available without it, despite some mothers on message boards insisting it is no longer in any vaccines. I had to point out that my baby was almost given a hep b vax less than a month ago that clearly said "Thimerosal [Mercury we're talking here folks!] as preservative .05 mcg" That was an interesting post.

Well, it's feeding time in babyland. Hope it won't be another month before I write back!


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