Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, last night I thought I was going into labor, but it was just intense false labor. I am still hoping for Friday. That gives me a little more time to prepare the last minute things I've been delaying out of sheer laziness/ exhaustion.
Jeremy was planning to take the first three weeks off to be with me and Violet, but I told him he should go ahead and take an additional week off. She will only be a newborn once. I know I will appreciate having him here with me. Lots of people in my family have said they will come over when I have her, but I think I will limit that because I know we'll want calm and quiet time to adjust to the change. We live in a small-ish apartment right now and cannot really accomodate a large crowd even if we wanted. The hospital time I feel is very private and I definitely told coworkers to stay away! All the people I work with have been awesome and really helped us with everything. I got lots of things from the baby shower they planned for us, which is definitely appreciated.
The people I work with are a major reason of my staying employed at this particular place, because it is most certainly NOT a feeling of purpose in life or the pay- which is unfortunate on both accounts. It is a goal for us to create our own source of income, but mainly that it be something enjoyable and meaningful for us. We want to have more time to spend as a family rather than have our time being consumed from constant work (esp. for someone else!)
***If I don't post for a few days you'll know why!***


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