Monday, April 9, 2007

Why is it that some days anything that can happen to annoy me feels the need to do so? Maybe I am just hormonal but it really seems that way. My cable connection is slow and keeps disconnecting, I still have LOA papers to file with work, I feel like I'm in sympathy competition sometimes with the only person here to provide me any comfort... Pregnancy truly can be hormonal hell. I think mostly it is the refusal to tolerate incompetency and bullshit though.

First on my shit list:
Incompetent mailman

Why? I ordered a MayaWrap for the baby I am about to have any day now. Well, that was March 23. The person I orderd from was awesome, had it in the mail immediately. Well I found out from the tracking that it was "delivered" just two days later. That's funny because it sure wasn't here! I also noticed on the tracking that ten minutes prior to the "delivered" status was "notice left," so I thought, "Okay, he left a notice (that has since magically disappeared) and delivered it back to the post office. I'll get it tomorrow." Wrong. He knew it was insured, knew it didn't fit in my mail box, and then on his way back by the house (ten minutes later!) he decided to go ahead and leave it hanging out of the box despite that. What?- it probably weighed an entire pound! I can't expect him to carry that the whole block back to the post office! That would be too much like doing his job or something!
Jeremy knew how upset I was about this and ordered me a new one (these are $50 a pop, folks. I still don't know if I'll be reimbursed by the insurance for the first one since it was stolen and not "lost in mail.") Well he knew we would need to have it sent with signature required due to ineptitude of mailman. He wanted this to be a surprise but I kept bitching about the original order until he went ahead and told me just to calm me down. It should have been delivered today. I got up early and read so I would not miss the doorbell or a knock. That never came. I realized it was almost time for Jeremy to go to work so I looked out. Well, there is mail and a notice to pick up the MayaWrap. That fuckwad mailman didn't even bother to knock or ring the bell, but he took time to write out the pick-up notice. Errrrrrrrrrrr. I am filing a complaint about him.

I might just punch him in the mouth too.

Well, since I went into such detail with #1 on my shit list I shall spare you any further vitriol, for now.


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