Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two Boxes of Rum Raisin Helados Later...

and I feel slimmer than ever! Nah, just kidding but damn those things are so good. I'm as much a big pregnant monster as before. I am hoping that I will go into labor tonight though. (Until it begins and I cry for it to stop like a total wuss!)
I am at 40 weeks and I don't want to go over my due date (which is the 18th officially.) Plus when they first gave me that date and I looked at the calendar and saw Friday, April 13, I thought, "that will be the day I bet." That is just about an hour away now. At my appointment last week the midwife seemed to think I wouldn't make it to my next appointment (tomorrow), based on the dilation. I just don't want a C-section and if my Violet keeps getting bigger and time keeps dragging on it becomes more likely. Plus- I want to see her! I have waited all this time and I just want to hold her!

So my days on bedrest mostly consist of reading, watching horrible reality television, *eating Mexican ice cream bars* and playing online. I have found some really entertaining blogs from other mothers. It is a good place to vent some frustration and share ideas.

My cats are digging it, having me here for company. Well, they were. Now I think I am cramping their style and they might be getting a little tired of me being around, telling them not to splash the water out of their food bowl (what the hell, kitty?) and to not climb on the mantle and so on.
It will be interesting to see how they react to Violet when she comes home with us for the first time. Despite everyone in the world trying to convince me to give my two kitties away for the safety of the baby, I think everything will be fine. It's not like the cats are going to have access to her alone, or even be allowed in the room she'll be sleeping in.

My doctor- who is awesome, has four cats, who were all there for both of her pregnancies and her children are fine. No kitty- succubus lurking in the shadows to steal the breath of a newborn infant, like in the many old-wives tales I've had to endure. Babies are little and loud and smell like milk (amongst other things)- of course a kitty's interest is piqued.

Well, wish me luck on going into labor tonight!


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