Sunday, April 8, 2007


Still waiting on my baby to make her grand entrance into the world. I believe she is waiting on Friday April 13, which technically is her correct due date, based on the first ultrasound. It has to be at least two weeks off before they change the "official" due date apparently, so that date is still April 18th. I hope that she doesn't wait that long! I am very anxious and that makes me eat more popsicles. Well, that wouldn't be so bad, but then I discovered the delicious fat-laden alternative, the best frozen treat ever in history: Helados Mexico in Rum Raisin. I'm serious. Two boxes, six in each one, gone in less than three days. They say that breastfeeding is really good in helping lose baby fat and I sure hope it's true. Also, I have my Maya Wrap on the way so I can start walking the baby around the park before long.
I don't want to sound so image concious. I'm happy that my baby is healthy more than anything. I think I may just be in slight shock at the suddenness of the weight gain. I didn't show noticeably until a short week between months 5 & 6, when suddenly I blew up. Now I'm in week 39 and feel like my head is the size of a nice pumpkin.
Rather than calling her "the baby" from now on she shall be known as Violet. There was some disagreement about that, but I won out. Jeremy (baby's daddy) wanted to name her Valkyrie. Now, don't get me wrong- I am not a huge fan of convention, what people will think, or any of that shite. I am a fan of Norse mythology, from which spawned the valkyrie. It is even one of my favorite words. I just picture it more as a name for a horse, a plane, a ship, or other masculine institutions- not my baby girl. She will be handmaiden to no one- not even the Norse gods of old!

Val·kyr·ie (vāl-kîr'ē, -kī'rē, vāl'kə-rē) Pronunciation Key n. Mythology Any of Odin's handmaidens who conducted the souls of the slain to Valhalla. [Old Norse Valkyrja; see welsh- in Indo-European roots.]


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