Friday, April 13, 2007

No Friday the 13th baby :(

It looks as though we aren't having a little baby today. I was really hoping we would. I am worried now because they are talking to me about inducing labor, which I do not want. The midwife wanted to "strip my membranes" today to help things along. Ugghh... The exam hurt like hell already and when I asked what the stripping entailed she said "basically a rough exam." Eek! I passed on that. She also said I was "a walking time bomb" when I asked when she thought I'd be likely to go into labor. That tells me that nature is doing fine on its own and Violet will come out when she's ready. I have really good doctors, but even they seem too willing to make childbirth a scheduled procedure rather than the natural event it should be.

Jeremy got us a Boppy today, which to the layperson is a pillow designed for breastfeeding and to help with reflux for the baby. I don't run out and get every single baby prop that is out there, but despite the trendiness this does seem like a good product.

I am trying to listen to Launchcast radio but it is being an ass and won't stay connected. That is only logical seeing that we just got the adapter we needed to get sound back on our pc!


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