Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day! Plus, Kittens and June Bugs.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth!

Yesterday a scruffy little orphan wandered into our yard. He is only about six weeks old and was very underfed. I picked him up and he started purring right away (Come on, you didn't think I meant a human child, did you?) His right eye was pretty beat up, but worse than that a moment later I made the nauseating discovery that he was the host to a Warble fly's worm. I won't go into anymore detail than that. If you didn't grow up in the country you can read about it here.

When Jeremy came home I showed him the kitty and we started calling around to veterinary offices on the off-chance someone could help us on the Saturday before Fourth of July. After waiting a while we decided that Jeremy would make the trek to the emergency animal clinic an hour and a half away. It's $78 to get in the door, but they are always open. He spent hours driving him there and then sitting and waiting. The kitty needed antibiotics for a respiratory infection and its eye, and also to heal the Warble fly wound.

The good news is that kitty seems to be doing well and should be fine. $168 later, that is. But how could we leave the poor little fella out there to die? We couldn't. And luckily we have CareCredit, so we charged the visit.

Meet Will Feral (Though Violet has named him Luchee-Lee for some reason, haha.):

Perhaps you remember the last orphan we took in. Here she is up a tree, looking mean. Izzy:

And here are some of Violet, since I have neglected my blog so long. You've missed out on a growth spurt and many silly antics. Her poses crack me up. :

And for no good reason here is a june bug eating my hibiscus plant:

Well, I have to go finish getting ready so we can go see fireworks. I know I have some Yuengling & Son waiting for me in the fridge for later. ;) Have fun, dear readers!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Violet is adorable. I love her little button nose! And Will is a cutie as well. He needed you and you all came through for him. I hope you have many happy years together with your new kitten!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Massive cuteness

Autism Mom said...

Aww, poor kitty! I remember the kitten we had as a kid that had a warble fly worm in it's neck. Bleh!
The poor little guy got hit by a car. I remember Mommy Cat taking all of his brothers and sisters into the road to look at him. She was such an awesome cat!
And remember, as long as Violet isn't as bad at naming cats as I was you should be okay (ex. Whiskey Face, Lunchmeat Breath, and Black-butt the Pirate)

*mary* said...

ETW- Thank you!

Laoch- It's a kitty post so I knew you'd like it. ;)

Lori- I know. That was so sad. I miss Mommy Cat (hey, how about that name? I think I was responsible for that one.) And I remember all those kitties except Lunchmeat Breath. Lol.

Maggie May said...

aw the little kittums is sooo sweet! and Violet is quite the sassy beauty :) Happy Fourth!

Shaun Hume said...

What a little rocker! You're a lucky person:)

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