Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Coming this summer to a laptop near you is the age old tale of man versus Mushroom.

When a man is faced with the stark beauty of nature (and a pocketful of mushrooms) he is reduced to a weeping heap of orgasmic humility.

This video inspired me to coin a new term: NATUREGASM. Yes, HungryBear9562 is clearly in the throes of a naturegasm.

Enjoy. And thank you, God, for the Internet.


nacherluver said...

Holy Crappers! His enthusiasm is definitely pushing "gasmic"!
I get super excited where no one else seems to so although I completely relate to and appreciate his excitement, he definitely puts me to shame!!!
Love it!
Thanks for sharing.
p.s. when he said, "what does this mean?" my darling 7 y/o daughter piped in (she was watching over my shoulder) "It means there's a double treasure at the end!" Too cute!

Amber, theAmberShow said...

I started to get uncomfortable, and then he's like, "What does this mean?!" and I died a little. I actually hid my face. I'm alone in my house and I hid my face. Oh, shit. Now he's crying. I can't deal with this. I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

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