Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Someone Had a Birthday

Good grief. My baby is three. Two days of visitors. At least ten kids and their parents, sporadic rain, a lovely cake, a bouncy house, fifty temporary tattoos, a bucket of sidewalk chalk, a gallon of bubbles, and not nearly enough sleep later and here I am.

You can't see it as well because of her hair but a moment before this photo was taken she hit her cheek with the screen door. It looked terrible and is going to be a big bruise.

She had so many temporary tattoos by the end of the night I was calling her Brat von D, West Virginia Ink. As you can see she was already exhausted by afternoon, and this was on the first day we had visitors.


Laoch of Chicago said...

3 is a wonderful age to be.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

She is gorgeous. We need to get our girls together - mine just turned 4 and she "throws the horns" too. LOL.

Annika said...

WHAT. How did that happen?!

Buzzardbilly said...

What great pictures! But, how could they go wrong with such a beautiful subject? Three was a really fun age with my niece. They grow so fast, don't they? Can't wait until Unknown Hinson!

Maggie May said...

She's beautiful and lucky to have you xo

JennyMac said...

As you know and hear often I am sure, she could NOT be more beautiful. Happy bday little girl!

*mary* said...

Laoch: It has been fun so far!

ETW: We definitely should!

Annika: A combination of the passage of time plus very sporadic blog updates. I know. It's depressing.

Billy: Thank you! I am planning to go to the show as well. See you there!

Maggie: Thank you! :)

JennyMac: Thank you, and thanks for stopping by the blog!

beaux said...

What a doll. Happy Birthday Violet.

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