Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Wants To Play? ***EDITED!***

I have an idea that might be fun. I was thinking of buying one of those bigger blank-paged journals (I probably have one already, in fact) and writing my name and address in the front cover and then sending it out to one of you lovely blogger peeps. The idea is that you will add something to it- whatever you want: draw on a page, glue a postcard from your town, tape a photo, whatever- and then send it off to another blogger who does the same. It will eventually get back to me full of bizarre and wonderful Blogger art. (I hope!)

I think it would be fun to see the different styles and ideas of what everyone would add.
I know this type of thing has been done before, but I thought it was really cool when I heard the story several years back.

So, who's in? What other logistical points am I overlooking? Of course if you agree to take the journal I hope that you'll follow through and spend the couple of bucks to send it on to the next person. So I will pick a journal that isn't too heavy but big enough to have fun with.

The only possible snag I can think of would be situations in which people who don't feel comfortable giving the other blogger their address, but that can be remedied with a PO Box address or by choosing a blogger you feel is trustworthy not to show up and steal your silverware.

OR I could make a list, that way we have a set order to start with? That takes some of the surprise element out of it though, doesn't it?

Let me know if this is anything you would like to participate in. Also point out any flaws in my plan I am overlooking in my pain-addled condition.

****Edited to add: Also- one thing I'd like to do is have the blogger who has it to write a post about it so I know where it is. Maybe we can register it with a website like that tracks it? I don't know. Your thoughts?

This can be fun, Blogger peeps!


Laoch of Chicago said...

This is a cool idea. Count me in.

lucythevaliant said...

Oh, I am SO IN. My mil did something kind of like this, and the end result was so amazing. I'm so glad you're going to do this!!!

Annika said...

I'll play!

OHN said...

Would we each include bloggers that read our blogs, or is it just folks that are on your list?

Sorry, I have never been accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

*mary* said...

Yay! Thanks to everyone for wanting to play along.

OHN- I wasn't going to limit it to people on my list. Part of the fun will be seeign where it ends up. What I was thinking is that when you get it, blog about it and that way one of your followers can have you send it to them, and so on. The only thing I'm trying to figure out is how to make sure everyone on my list that wants it gets a turn.
I'm thinking I will add a list to the back of the book with blog addresses and names of people who want it, that way when someone has it they know where to go to get the next address. No dead ends that way. That way they can just contat the person through there blog to get the mailing address. I'm still working out some of the details. Open to suggestions!

Sidd said...

I'm in. Great idea! I already collecting goodies for my page.

Ciervo Pequeño said...

That's a great idea -- I'd love to be a part of it, too! :)

Back, by the way.. lol

Lo said...

Love to.

Chelle said...

Very cool. I'm in.

Chelle said...

I am so upset that this wasn't MY idea. SO cool. SO stealing it down the road. Put me after Laoch. I don't worry about him having my address. Plus I am dying to analyze his handwriting. I bet it's serial killery.

Chelle said...

"Your comment will be visible after approval"

AHA. That's why my 39845798457 comments didn't go through and I had to repost them.

Detective Chella solves the case again.

*mary* said...

SORRY Detective Michellicopter! If I don't set my comments for approval I don't notice them. Lol. That is the only reason I do that.

I am ready to go on the journal project BUT I need to figure out how to make sure you all get to have a turn before it gets lost out in the greater blogosphere. I want it to be open to anyone but I'm afraid it will be forever before you all get a chance if I just let it go and let the person choose who goes next.

I think I am going to make a list and have everyone who responded on here go first, THEN let you all choose followers who want to play and send it to them. It will just keep going until it's full and then back to me! Yay.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Cate said...

This is up my alley! I want to! :)

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