Sunday, February 7, 2010

Because Not Sharing Would Be Criminal

I want to let you know about this amazing woman, Rachel McKibbens. She is the 2009 Women of the World poetry slam champion and you may have seen her on Def Jam Poetry.

She can make you laugh and cry in the same damn poem.
And how can you not love a woman who has "Book Worm" tattooed on her knuckles? Seriously, she rocks.

Not only is she insanely skilled as a poet, she is also a mother of five. (And her kids have the coolest names!) She has the best sense of style and her house is decked out in odd but beautiful little trinkets: an apothecary jar full of doll legs, a Kewpie doll spray-painted gold- it all comes together magically.

Here are some videos of her performing. I'm sure you'll love them. Her poetry book Pink Elephant just came out last Fall. You can get it on her website, or on Amazon. Her site also has some really cool handmade cards!

Seriously- watch these! She is fabulous. I just discovered her a few months ago. (Thanks to the other awesome Rachel for letting me know about her!)


Maggie May said...

thank you for this great hook up!

*mary* said...

You are very welcome. I think she is amazing and I knew my you guys would love her too. (What's not to love?)

Laoch of Chicago said...


Mrs. Cullen said...

WOW! Really look, i like i like!

Constructive Attitude said...

Wow. she is pretty good :) Thanks for sharing!

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