Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Support Your Local Folk Artist.

I like to hang weird folk art around the house. I guess Violet noticed and wanted to cut out the middle man (or woman). Here's her latest addition to the collection. This is Four Faces on the Dining Room Wall. I guess. She doesn't really name her artwork. My camera's flash takes away some of its gritty folk appeal, but you get the idea. This is her orange Crayon phase.
Here's the moody artist and her canine companion. Her new fad is wearing boots ("rockstar boots" as she says) and scarves all the time. [Ed. Note: And right now I am regretting not putting the hideous couch in the ugly contest! Winner for sure.]
This is her more common mood (five seconds later):

Silly kid.

She has been cracking me up lately. She's trying to use words that she hears, but using them incorrectly. Example: "Mom, you are innovating me!" When I tell her that doesn't really make sense she tries again. "Mom, my cake needs some innovating." It's funny.

The other night she pretended to be upset and covered her eyes so I asked what was wrong, of course. "You don't like me anymore!"

"Why would you say that?," I asked.

"Because. I'm not interesting!"

And with that she started the fake crying. It was Oscar-worthy, I tell you.

Oh- I want to get started on the journal project but... I seriously live in a town that does not have a single bookstore. I know! Well, there might be a small Christian bookstore but I'm pretty sure they won't have what I want.

I've been in cities with the bookstore I need recently but I forgot BOTH times. Doh! I looked around the house and only found one, and it is EXACTLY the style I want!

BUT at some point in time, for reasons I cannot explain or even fathom, I spruced it up with this dashing photo of Elvis. It obviously needed a little extra razzle-dazzle so I gave him a sad clown smile. There are some other obnoxious things glued into the back cover and some pages torn out, too.
I wanted to get this thing started so I am going to pick up a sparkly new blank journal this weekend. If for any reason I don't, I am unleashing this sad clown Elvis onto the blogging world. (Let's hope I get a new one!)


terry said...

the girls drawing brings to mind granny from squidbillies fame,let her creativity grow do not try to innovate it in any way.

Poetikat said...

Hey Mary! Absolutely, count me in! I would love to be a part of this creative project.
I'll send you my address.


Maggie May said...

hey i love 'mom you are innovating me' and in a way it's very true!

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