Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dusty Little Treasures

("Hey that title could be for this blog", I say as I dust off my Blogger dashboard.)

I have been digging in the basement again. Here's what I found:

Old jewelry and a cookie cutter!

A meat chart! A "Good Things to Eat" recipe book!
Part of a bake chart, some old Kodachrome film and 8mm video, and some weird little piece of plastic shaped like a monkey I think.

Reliable Recipes! 10cent birthday candles, and Monkey Grip.

And then I found Prince Albert. In a can!

The best part is that I also found an old kitchen island- which is awesome because I need more storage space in my little kitchen! I'll show that to you if I ever get it upstairs.

Sorry for letting my blog get so dusty and lonely. My life seems to be on a schedule of Violet-school-eat-study-play with Violet-study some more-play on Facebook longer than I should-sleep.


beaux said...

I was just thinking of you.
That is so cool. I want to go through your basement (Hope that doesn't sound weird, um, whatever...). You have some neat stuff. I hope you are all doing well. Nice to see you again.

lucythevaliant said...

Well let him out!!

I love old stuff like this! You must have a righteous basement to find all this.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Cool treasures! :-)

*mary* said...

Jeremy's grandmother (bless her soul) lived here for decades and she was a serious pack rat. Like, she had receipts for sundry items that were decades older than I am! Seriously. We have a full basement and I mean that in both ways. Every time I go digging down there I found all sorts of cool little treasures like this. I can't wait to clean up that old storage for the kitchen!

*mary* said...

PS- I wonder if there is a way to get that old Kodachrome film developed still. I wonder what is on that film!

Constructive Attitude said...

i was worried about you.and how did you not know that you had an island in ur basement? how long has it been since you looked at that stuff. thats crazy.

*mary* said...

Hahaha. Well, most of this stuff was here when we moved in. It took forever just to get the living space cleared, let alone the huge basement. His grandma lived here for a LONG time and she kept everything. I'm glad b/c I love looking through old stuff like this.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...


Lois and I appreciate the comments you left. It is really sad and upsetting to lose a loved one like this.

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