Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday

Let me just say that I have never trekked out to the stores amidst the masses of bargain hunters on Black Friday. I plan on keeping it that way. I'm sorry but $15 off of something just isn't worth lining up in the cold for hours. And that is just to possibly get the item you are setting out for. You just might get trampled in the process instead.

I seriously hope that there are no Black Friday-induced deaths this year. I still have the thought of the poor part-time Wal-Mart worker who was trampled to death last year by the Black Friday zombie crowd. Just some poor guy trying to make some extra Christmas cash. The crowd apparently was in such a frenzy to get to electronics or whatever they crushed a human being underfoot and did not even realize it. If they did they kept going. In fact one woman, when informed that a person had been stomped to death in the throng she was just part of, was quoted as saying "I've been in line since yesterday. I'm still shopping."

It's sad. It's insane. Can you imagine trampling another person to buy your kid a Christmas gift? "Here little Susie. You better appreciate this because someone DIED so I could get you these Zhu-Zhu Pets." No thanks.

If I have money I try to buy a few things in the summer or fall, usually online. This year Jeremy's work thought it would be a nice Christmas bonus to inform all the employees that the site is closing. Two weeks before Christmas. (Don't worry, they didn't actually give holiday bonuses anyway. Bastards!) So I imagine lots of people here are going to be feeling a little Scroogey for the holidays. Violet is still going to have a decent Christmas. We keep a savings throughout the year just for her, so we will be dipping into that.

Even in these circumstances I would not do the Black Friday thing. I wonder if the whole phenomena can be traced back to some primal hunting instinct. There may be something to that.

Anyway- if you are going to brave the crowds please be careful. When it comes to $189 laptops your friends and neighbors can quickly turn into a bloodthirsty mob. And watch your step. There just might be an underpaid employee down there somewhere, obscured by the lunatic throng.

Happy shopping!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Thankfully shopping frightens me even in the best of times!

lucythevaliant said...

Yeesh! I didn't know about that poor trampled man - surely someone is doing a depressing sociological study on that! I HATE black friday- can't imagine venturing out of my house!

Constructive Attitude said...

I completely agree 100% with you. Its just not worth it!

amber, theambershow said...

We got to Old Navy at 12:30 and it opened at 3. They passed out wristbands for the video game, and everyone was really calm. We grabbed out stuff and waited in line really going through it and rejecting stuff (Rob snagged two fleeces in different sizes and picked one, then passed the other to the lady behind us!) We had a lot of fun.

Sabrina said...

We stayed home, too. There's no sale good enough for me to go out on Black Friday. Well, unless Mrs. Fields was giving away free cookies. I might fight the stampede for that one.

Cate said...

Howdy! I chose you as one of the blogs to receive the "Best Blog Award" -- I think it's a community pass-around recognition. Feel free to check out my latest post to grab the picture of the award and bestow the Best Blog title on other folks! :)

Cate at Tundra Topics

Constructive Attitude said...

oh god. are u too busy to blog too? sigh

come back

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