Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twitter Sank My Bloggership

I can't seem to find the time/ motivation to blog... yet I can compete with Courtney Love when it comes to creating prolific yet nonsensical Tweets all through the night. It's tailor made for my short attention span. But, do I really need to know what Andy Milonakis is thinking?

Andy Milonakis I had a dream that Kanye West was a little nerdy black guy and I bullied him.
Man my dreams are getting so realistic
It's a good distraction from things that are pissing me off lately anyway. Example: The doctor that did my biopsy told me to call him for the results in "about a week". I gave him a week and a half and then called but every single time his exasperated office worker informs me that "it's on his desk but he hasn't had a chance to look at it yet" and "Call back tomorrow". Well, I call back every "tomorrow" and get the same fucking reply and it is irking me. I want to walk over there and give that lady the boots work-over, mediumstyle.

It really irritates me that the results that say whether or not I have to have surgery, or possibly a much more involved surgery, are sitting on his desk probably under a pile of other patients' folders, just being ignored.

The guy isn't very professional. I should have gathered that when on my first visit to him, as I was explaining my fears of the procedure and telling him how nervous I was, he A.) said it "was nothing," to which I replied "No, not when it's someone else's cervix, and seeing that you don't HAVE ONE, I'll take your word." and B.) he couldn't help but stare at my tits during this encounter. It's not like they are IN YR FACE or anything, Pam Anderson-style. Ugh. I should have followed instinct and crushed his testes vacated his office right then.

Following with this trend of "slipping through the cracks," Marshall U has also failed to print my ID, which I need to access the student loan I took out. I guess they weren't even going to bother calling me or emailing to let me know. I finally called them and found that mine- and mine alone- had somehow went unnoticed and unprinted. Annoying.

On the upside: The Mighty Boosh dvds have been released in the US (finally!) which means that they have been here doing signings and a couple of shows. Of course, all in major cities that I have no way to get to last minute. Bah. I imagine that they will do a more extensive US tour sometime soon since they have been well-received here. That means my sister and I will be selling plasma (ALL of it) to get to a show. Now you see why I have not been blogging. My mother always said "If you don't have anything nice to blog, then don't blog at all." I listened.


Constructive Attitude said...

why doesnt the lady just walk her little self to his desk and just read it to you? would that be so hard?

Bx said...

What the EFF!? I would so go down there and raise hell. My primary calls me at home after I get off of work just to touch base with me if we miss during the day. And my transplant coordinator is pretty much aces. I am sorry you are dealing with such an incompetant jerk. I hope you are able to get this figured out soon.
Your mom sounds pretty smart.
I hope you also get The Mighy Boosh stuff figured out.

Lo said...

Incredibly unprofessional and uncaring. I have waited for biopsy results before; it sucks. Here's my suggestion:
I would ask very clearly and somewhat coldly which method would get me my results faster: contacting a doctor who cared about his patients and having him request them. Or making the request through the state medical association. I'm thinking you'll have your results shortly. And then I would change doctors. If he's so out of touch with patient concerns that he can't be bothered to glance at your results and authorize their release, you don't want to deal with him at all. Ever.
You're in my thoughts.

*mary* said...

Thanks guys. I know- like I want this guy performing my surgery when he can't be bothered to look at my file. My problem is that he is the only doctor locally that is in this Cancer Care program that pays for this so i don't have to. Just the biopsy was over $700. You get what you pay for I guess, even though I have paid taxes for years and still continue to today. Ugh.

leighmo said...

When my ex-hub was going through Chemo, he got pissed at his oncologist for locking him in a room, shooting him with meds, and not telling him jack shit.

I spoke with him one night in the hallway, and told him that he NEEDED to tell dear x-h something. Just to play devil's advocate here, I think a lot of patients simply go along with the doctor game of they know all about you and don't feel the need to tell you. Once we had that conversation, he and the staff were much better at sharing tidbits of the exes health with him...the ex...who had every right to know.

My advice to you is to call the clinic, tell the head nurse/receptionist/whatever, that you are concerned, trying to remain levelheaded, and that you NEED to know your results now. You have a child, you need to plan ahead if anything is going to be necessary to do. Failing that, walk into the place, find your file on the desk, and read it yourself. I'd also tell the good doc you charge for peepshows, at $500 a minute; that should keep his google eyes under wraps.

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