Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Because If I Don't Post Soon My Blogging License Will Be Revoked...

Howdy Fellow Bloggers and random perusers of the Internet!

I have been exhausted. So much so that even blogging seems like an Herculean task. Sad, I know.
Hmmm, let's see. Anything important I haven't divulged? Nah.

Here's all I have at the moment:

  • Television has convinced Violet that she needs sugary cereals in order to be happy. The ones she keeps screaming for are "Penny Charms" and "Fruity Devils'. I guess she was too distracted by the screaming cartoon characters that pimp cereal to kids to get the names right.

  • My hair is orange at the moment. My roots were growing out and I didn't want to dye it black again so, I used a haircolor remover kit. My plan was to put the red hair dye on right afterward, but... I didn't count on that stuff turning my hair into straw. I think I'll give it a few days. This means I'll probably get my university identification photo taken in a week- with orange hair! Yay.

  • Speaking of television: I just heard a (horrible) commercial playing a Black-Eyed Peas song. Why does every song Fergie sings have to be completely idiotic? I know, it comes with the territory, but really. Is it a prerequisite that the lyrics are created by a random word generator stocked with childrens' first words, or what? Did she just actually say "Boom boom pow, them chickens are jackin' my style"? What the hell. But then again, she does spell the word 'tasty' "T-a-s-t-e-y," doesn't she. Yep. Damn those chickens, jackin' her style. I'm going to go listen to some classic Norwegian black metal to scrub the sound from my mind.
That's about it for now. Oh wait- one last thing actually!

Just imagine. This cultural popkern kernel has been lodged in the molar of society all this time, and I only discovered it yesterday. I've been missing out! (The guy doesn't appear in the video until somewhere around 30 seconds in. Enjoy.)

I wish I had this guy's energy. (Or the number for his speed dealer.)


Margarita said...

Your poor hair!! Give it a rest!! lol

Love the clip, thanks for sharing it. Hilarious.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Wow. That guy was way too tense. Plus he was just a big Poop Butt.

*mary* said...

margarita- i know! My hair was finally getting healthy and shiny, too! I'm such a self-sabotager!

Beaux- You are so correct. I was looking for the proper term for this guy, but you got it with "Poop Butt". I was bandying about "Freak Ball," "Jerk face" and "Jack of Clubs" but you got it, friend.

Anonymous said...

when was jeremy in europe?

controlled chaos said...

what the heck was that?

The video...not your post.

I say me and you should do a video. If weirdos like him are getting hits, amazing people like us would get millions.

I think

And lol at your hair. I'm sure you can re-take your ID picture. Or you could go with a wig? lol

leighmo said...

I dyed my hair blonde once. Bleached it. Then I put brown on top. And spent the next year getting 1/4 of an inch trimmed every other week because it turned into goo. GOO. Tread carefully....

I loves me some Norwegian Death Metal! I don't get the Fergie thing either. Big Girls Don't cry makes my eye twitch.

Constructive Attitude said...

Fergie is so annoying. that song is driving me crazy

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