Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So, I Dyed My Hair Black, Because... [Edited]

  • I heard that 'Aging Goth' was going to all the rage in the suburbs this season
  • It will make the fact that I am deathly white even more noticeable
  • The emo kids walking home from school will see how silly I look and vow to change their ways, before it's too late
  • My neighbors were starting to accept me
  • No strangers have told me how 'ethnic' I look lately
  • When I wear sunglasses people may think I'm Ozzy Osbourne and I can sign autographs at the grocery store
  • My bathtub was looking way too clean
  • They didn't have red
  • My hair was finally starting to grow out and look healthy, therefore I had to
  • I like the smell of cheap dollar store hair dye
  • I have a problem with hair dye; My former boss even offered to be my sponsor and told me to call whenever the urge to pick up a bottle hit
  • I'm worth it- all three dollars

*Edited to add the first three. I forgot them when I quickly wrote this last night. By the way, I washed my hair again and motor oil black is still draining from my hair.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Hard to pick a new color I guess.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm all about the Nice n Easy - cheap! I've had black hair all my life. I'm not about to let a few greys ruin it all now. :-)

Annika said...

OZZY! faints

Autism Mom said...

But if you went grey you could fit in with the Nangeddon. You could be the glam nana!

Margarita said...

LMAO!! That's hilarious... I tend to stick to the dark brown category... cus I'm scared. Feria usually. (it's triple the highlights apparantly.)

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Lois dyed her hair red the other day and for three days I kept finding little blood droplets in my sink and on my floor and just about anywhere else I looked. The first time I saw them I thought someone had cut their finger or something and then I finally figured it out. It was hair dye. I have actually thought about getting rid of all my gray hair and I finally decided I should just wait for halloween and go goth. Or not.

Poetikat said...

When I was a pseudo-punk (back in the 80s) I so wanted to do that but never had the nerve. I got pretty close with a really dark brown, but I never stripped the colour and dyed. Did you?

I bet you look fab!


Sidd said...

Black. It's the new black. Good choice!

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