Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Want Your Epinions, Kids: Dell Laptop or MacBook Pro?

I am in the MacBook Pro camp. Jeremy says I'm being elitist (haha, what the hell?) and frivolous and that I should go with a Dell because it is slightly cheaper and has more memory. My main point is- cheaper or not the Dell's OS is still Windows which I am sick of. I have only briefly used a Mac before but I really liked it.

Plus, I previously mentioned that students get a free iPod Touch, right? Yep.

And the deal breaker should be obvious. While they are both extreme dorks, The PC is always getting punked around by some quasi-Emo guy that represents Mac. The same quasi-Emo guy that dates Drew Barrymore in real life, so that should count for something, right?

Dork Vs Dork
So what have your experiences with either been? Do you have a preference? Has the French Press coffee (see last post) triggered a sense of elitism making me want a Mac, so I can look down on PC users with a smug sense of satisfaction? (Okay, that was a joke. I do think it's just a more stable OS and plus, they do look cooler.) Let me know!


Annika said...

I will never buy a Dell again as long as I live.

Dell customer service in in Pakistan and they tell you to do the exact same thing no matter what problem you call in with. It never fixes it. Mac customer service costs you an extra $250 for three years' coverage but you get to take your computer into the store and talk to a real live person who KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. (And if you call? You get an American who also knows what he is doing.)

controlled chaos said...

If you can afford it.
Go for mac.
I'm getting sick of my HP and in my boat, they're all the same...

OHN said...

Sorry...I cannot even imagine this being a debate. I have to use a PC for work but my heart longs for a MAC like my two older boys have. They wave them teasingly under my nose.

AND THE FREE TOUCH!!! Not even a debate.

Go ahead and be as elitist as you want, life is too short to stay on hold waiting to talk to "Bob" in Pakistan and still not be able to understand what the hell he is telling you to do with the piece of shit operating system you will have if you go Dell.

Whew. That feels better.

Laoch of Chicago said...

I have a mac book pro and an asus windows vista laptop. They are good for different purposes so which one you choose probably should depend upon how you are going to use it.

Autism Mom said...

I would personally go for a pc, but if I were to get a free iPod touch, hmmm, I'd go for that. :) I loved my dinky little 4GB iPod that I had for about four years. I have a Zune now, but it is an older one and the controls aren't as nice as on the iPod. Maybe the new ones are better?
Good luck with whatever you get (you soft-cheese eating, bleeding heart, intellectual, liberal snob! I bet you just love creme brulee!) If you don't get that last bit, you've been skimping on your right wing radio and print media outlets...

amber said...

I'm MacBook AND French Press (with my organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee).

BUT I do like John Hodgman way better than that skinny emo kid! He's my neighbor. (And he bought me a beer once).

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