Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh Yeah- And There Was An Earthquake

My county experienced an earthquake on the 24th of April. It was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake, which isn't much for other places more accustomed to these events, but this is the first earthquake I can recall in this area. So yeah, people were a little freaked out.

The great part is, I was sitting in my living room and never noticed it. I found out about it from people calling to see if I had felt it. My neighbors on all sides did. Our house is one of the oldest on the block, so one would think that I would have felt the effects, but no.

Actually, I do recall feeling something. I had stayed up all night reading and of course still had to get up to care for Violet when she popped up, which equalled about three hours of sleep. I was a bit wobbly from sleep deprivation already and just attributed any feelings that the Earth was giving way to my lack of sleep and the fact I was only on my first cup of coffee.

But, that happens almost every day.

Next time I shall be prepared! Here is my (West Virginia) earthquake preparedness plan:
  1. Carole King- "I Feel The Earth Move." This will have to be in compact disc or eight-track format. Vinyl just won't do during an earthquake. Furthermore, this is the only time in life that this song is permitted to be played. Ever. Carole King's enthusiasm is only appropriate during natural disasters.
  2. Inflatable bouncy castle. These are the best shock absorbers known to mankind, and you can rent them for the weekend for under $75! It's best to keep one in your yard, just in case.
And really that is all you will need to ride out shifting plates in the earth's core!

In totally unrelated yet equally bizarre news- Yoko Ono is now following me on Twitter.
Well, have a nice day!


Annika said...

And here I thought that every parent in Los Angeles rents one of those things for every party because they just don't trust their kids to figure out how to play without Constant! Stimulation! Silly me, turns out they are just Prepared.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I didn't even hear about it. Then again, I avoid the news like the plaague.

Lo said...

I once said I felt an earthquake and everyone laughed at me. Less than a minute later, they announced an earthquake about 110 miles from us. But I've totally missed a bunch of bigger ones that were closer!

beaux said...

I've been in a couple of earthquakes. Once while in Lego Land the girls and I waited for a half hour before they shut the ride down. And once at work the building shook and the lights swayed back and forth. I was oblivious to both of them. I think I'm insensitive.
I don't really have an emergency preparedness plan except to maybe just stay alive. So I guess maybe I do. I don't know about playing any songs. But I guess that one would do. And while shift on the planetary plates I can think of a number of inflatable objects to use that are slightly less smaller than castles. I'll just go with a raft for now.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Oh God Carole King is quite frightening. "You make me feel like a natural woman," has always been the most puzzling of songs. What would an unnatural woman feel like?

The Self-Deprechaun said...

That's kind of scary the earthquake and Yoko. Give her some good juice on what baby Violet is up to. Be safe out there!

Cheryl said...

Inflatable bouncy castles! That's brilliant! How come I never thought of that!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Yoko? That is one good reason to have fake twitter instead of real twitter. :)

Autism Mom said...

Bouncy, bouncy, oh such a good time! Bouncy, bouncy, shoes all in a line!

Oh, and keep Yoko away from your baby...

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