Friday, February 13, 2009

Verdunculous Blogulization

Which is more foreboding: Friday the 13th, or Saint Valentine's Day?

(And why are Christian martyrs always getting pagan holidays renamed in their honor?)

You may have thought that I've been slacking on my blog. Actually I was just playing hard to get. Now where the hell are my chocolates? Seriously.

Nah. I have wondered if perhaps my blog mojo has been stolen, but most likely I have just been too busy with repeat viewings of Dr. Suess cartoons from the 1970s (hence the blog title) and the endless game of capturing Chiru five times a day because Violet won't leave him alone. It is as fun as it sounds.

Ooooh yeah. Also, Violet no longer takes naps. Why didn't anyone warn me of this? That was my hour of the day to finish a whole cup of coffee and blog about nothing in particular. I want it back! Please?

I assumed she'd continue taking naps well into her teens. I'm pretty sure she plans on breastfeeding 'til then. (Man. That is going to be embarrassing, isn't it?
"Hey, I gotta go. My daughter just texted me. It's time to breastfeed. Later!")
I mean, her Dad still naps. Why can't she?
Well, I'm going to end this snore-fest here. Happy Friday the13th/ Valentine's Day. In that order. ("Slash," haha.)
Here's the child that sleep forgot, self-styled in her crazy pink boots and knitted hat. And water.
(Why yes, that is a hand-carved wooden chair with original hand-woven seat from the late 1800s sitting carelessly by the front door. I found it in my basement.)


minerva1822 said...

dude I did warn you!! ok though..once you get in the hang of it she should sleep for a long time at night...usually after Breanna goes to sleep I know I at least have 3 hours to myself before bed and know I'll get enough sleep...or I could go to bed early and get up way before her so I can finish my coffee and have absolute alone time since everyone else is still knocked the fuck out. It'll get better I promise...just wait until she is a clothing Nazi to the core...Breanna rarely wears any kind of clothing unless we are out somewhere and I have no idea as of how to stop this I hope all is well there in the wild and wonderful state of me soon.

controlled chaos said...

wow i feel like it's been forever since I've been here. i'm so sorry!!!
maybe she just needs something to tire her out? like an activity? but your little baby is growing up!! awww

Laoch of Chicago said...

When I was small I hated naps. Now they are wonderful. I guess I am living my life in reverse.

Blicky Kitty said...

Hahaha I thought I had the only child that sleep forgot. I was expecting Bill Cosby and Jello... Anyway sanding you some link-a-delic karma today.

I used to call my eldest kitten Lacula because she was such a marathon nurser. I'm happy to report she is long since weaned.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Both of my kids gave up naps fairly early, but they've both slept really well at night, so it's a fair trade off! :-)

MuseSwings said...

Ohhhh I remember those napless days! It'll get better when she's around 16 she'll sleep until noon and you'll have the whole morning to yourself. What a beautiful child! This was a brilliant idea, combining Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day. There's some karma at work here, me thinks. Let Hallmark know of this greeting card opportunity!

Anonymous said...

go to shannons blog,she wants to show you sumthin.she's real sick they tested her for meningitis,call it will make her happy!plus i have to leave on business for about a year around the 19-20th.would like to say goodbye b4 i do.....luv terry

steviewren said...

Hope you can carve out some time for yourself because I enjoyed reading this and would like more! I tiptoed over from Blicky Kitty's. I'm trying not to make any noise in case anyone decided to take a nap.

Happy renamed pagan holiday to you and sleepless in Blogville.

Poetikat said...

Very funny stuff. Just as long as it's not her dad texting you for the breastfeed!


Happy V-day. I'm in the Karma-thon too.

Poetikat said...

Did I really just say that?


Lavinia said...

Happy Valentines Day from a fellow Karma-thoner!

Blicky Kitty said...

Hahaha hot toddies and chocolate dipped strawberries are being served over at the Blicky Manse, but I brought some here just in case you're nursing. You know, the hot toddy might get you both a nap!

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