Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Weloo's Mom Got Her Blog Mojo Back

With a little help from Blicky Kitty, that's how. Thanks for the good karma, Blicky! If you haven't read Blicky's blog, you should definitely do so. Now! She is whip-smart, creative, and is hands down the world's leading source of information on (artistic) feline misanthropy.

Also, thanks to all the other Karm-a-thon participants who have already stopped by and left comments! I appreciate it and look forward to reading your blogs.

So, in accordance with the Blicky Kitty Valentine's Day Karm-a-thon, I shall be posting a thoughtful compliment for someone I know in order to attain (much-needed) Karmic calibration. (The other option was posting a compliment someone has given me. Since those usually go along the lines of, "Your knees aren't that knobby," or "You aren't totally crazy, just a little nuts," I feel that I should stick with complimenting rather than sharing any that have come my way.)

I love all the blogs on my list, so my compliments are for my fellow bloggers. Here are some I am passing good karma to today:

I happened upon Chelle's Coffee & Zombie Movies blog one day. It happened to be the day that she posted about some bread that she had baked that she didn't find partiularly pleasing to the eye. (It's worth clicking on!) Her great sense of humor has yet to falter.

Janelle's Hot Belly Mama blog is always well-written, amusing and poignant. I always enjoy reading about her latest adventures. Worth checking out!

Sidd of Sidd's Round-Up is a senstive and articulate soul who shares my love of UglyDolls and various other distractions we employ to delay "growing up."

The Self-Deprechaun. The blog title says it all. This blog shares my penchant for self-depracating humor. Always hilarious.

Symphonic Discord is a blog written by several different young ladies, each clever, intelligent and Muslim. This blog tells their stories. I'm glad I found it.

Annika of Through the Looking Glass, and her husband Will who writes the blog [Low Odysseys] are always entertaining and thought-provoking.

That's all the time I have to create links at the moment, but please do peruse my entire blog list when you have the time. They are all great.

One last compliment, for Violet: I really love the drawings you have made all over the walls in crayon. If you were more well-behaved I'd probably have much less to blog about.

Okay, so that ends my blog compliments for now. Hopefully this gets my karma back on track which will in turn will resolve any remaining blog mojo issues I may have been experiencing.

Happy "Valentimes" Day!

Now, back to your life (already in progress.)


Ann's Rants said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! Love your header, BTW. See you soon!

controlled chaos said...

Awww yay!!!!
i'm intelligent! i don't know about the others...
Haha thanks.
We love you too. I even made a valentine's day card just for you on the blog. I'm sure you saw it ;)

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