Thursday, February 5, 2009

Favorite Appalachian Quotes

Here I will share some of the best lines I have overheard locally.

"Madonna Rae, get yore ass back to this buggy now or we are leaving The Walmarts with nothing!" (A "buggy" is what the rest of the world would call a "shopping cart.")

"I don't live in a trailer! I live in a DOUBLE WIDE!" (This one was shouted and the person was very insulted at the notion they lived in a "treller.")

"I'm not hungry. I done et." (Meaning: I've already eaten. This gem is from my grandma, so it's cute to me.)


minerva1822 said...

Them peoples in them there hollers knows how to talk awful perty.


those are among some of the best lines.

Laoch of Chicago said...

I'll have to try and fit one of these in my daily conversations.

OHN said...

I personally loved the one where they interviewed the woman about shopping at the new Dollar Store in town. She said she liked it because she didn't have to "get dressed up like goin' to walmart"...then she went on to add...she can go to the Dollar Store in "my jammies and slippers".

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I've lived here 25 years and I still call it a shopping cart...I will not be tricked! Don't you see the signs that say "Cart Corral" when they get returned? LOL.

Nicole' Happiness said...

i am disapointed in you!if blacks talk stupid your a racist or not cool enough to get it.if foreigners murder our language with their accents you are a xenophobe.but hillbillies can still be portrayed as toothless inbreds on t.v. and film, the last bastion of open hatespeak.tisk,tisk,tisk.luv ya, your bubby,you little hate monger!!!!

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Ahh the social tiering in a trailer park. Nothing is more endearing than pride in manufactured housing.


I's got 1 buggy in my yard and 1 inside my trailor right now so I ain't touc'in this one. Sides, I got straw in b-tween my teeth pickin at food I just et.

Constructive Attitude said...


when i saw buggy, i thought of amish people.

Ciervo Pequeño said...

"Ya'll SHUUUUT UP, I got me a migraine!!"
(Overheard on a school bus of fifth graders by a friend of ours that's a teacher)

(While waiting tables at the wings restaurant)

Customer (pointing to drum) : "Wut's this rite here?"

Me: "That's a chicken wing".

Customer (pointing to flat): "Wut's this rite here, then?"

Me: "Also a chickin wing."

Customer (to his friend): "Woooo hooo, you owes me twinny dollars! *high five* Tole' you it wasn't no chicken leg!

Ciervo Pequeño said...

It just struck me that I spelled chicken "chickin". Add me to the list.

Lorrie Veasey said...

All of that sounds like music compared to New Yawk accent, where--if we HAD a Target or Walmart (which we don't) you would probably hear:
Get your ass back in the cawt now.

Sidd said...

My Nebraska relatives often said,"let's get some eats". I always loved that one.

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