Sunday, September 7, 2008

We're All Mad Here

Earlier Jeremy warned me that he let in a huge moth. He knows that I will scream like the banshee that I am when I see it, so he was giving fair warning. I don't know, I realize they pose no actual threat to me but they, like most other bugs and insects, just creep me out. I don't want them to get into my hair, or worse: crawl down my throat while I sleep. Yes, unlikely, but totally possible.

Well, here's where my true madness shines through: I momentarily convinced not only myself but also Jeremy that he hadn't let in a huge moth, but that he had actually let in a baby bat. Hysteria is rather contagious. It went so far as Google imaging "baby bat" to compare it to what he saw so we could rule it out. Mind you, I still haven't even glimpsed this creature. I just had the neurotic and irrational fear that he somehow confused a moth with a bat. In my defense he did describe it as both "huge" and "furry." I also grew up in the country and bats flying into the house was unfortunately common. (We country folk didn't believe in them there fancy window screens!)

At least I did quickly recognize the absurdity of the situation. Could you imagine actually seeing something like this and thinking, "Damn pesky moth!"

However, I shall be sleeping with my mouth duct-taped shut, just in case.


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

That's hilarious! Let us know how it all ends...

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