Monday, September 8, 2008

David Horvath Writes Back!

So a couple of posts back I voiced my disappointment that David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim weren't going to be able to make it to the annual Mothman Festival this year. I decided to write him an email (couldn't find one for Sun-Min, but he'll get the message to her I'm sure) letting him know that we were sad they wouldn't be coming, but that we hoped they could make it next year. He was kind enough to write back and thank me. (And he said he wold try to make it down here, although the festival is probably out for next year as well due to business elsewhere.)

I then realized that despite the popularity of UglyDolls and their other works, most people still don't know who I'm talking about. Um, sorry about that! They are totally awesome toy designers and have put out several books between them, including David's Bossy Bear- Violet's favorite. There is a new Bossy Bear book out and we're so excited to get it.

David designed some Mothman dolls that are so cool. Check it out-

I promised him that we would buy them Mothman-shaped pancakes if they can make it. I'm not above bribery!

Violet with her Bossy Bear vinyl, looking oddly similar here:Sun-Min and David, being so adorable they should go forth and procreate immediately.


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