Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mothman Festival Pictures, None of Which I Am In...

Here are the pictures from Mothman Festival '08. Oh, the excitement! There were actually a good bit of people there, which was somewhat surprising. But then, what else would you be doing if you live here? Here's the Mothman (well, a guy in a costume. The real one didn't show) posing with a random kid outside the Mothman Museum. Here's a Man In Black buying some Mothman pancakes.
Here's part of the mural on the riverfront.
Here's the statue of Chief Cornstalk, who- according to legend, placed a 200 year curse on this area before he was killed. Learn more about this crazy Appalachian lore here.
Ths was a sign on someone's car.This is how Violet felt about it all.


Sidd said...

That was one powerful curse. I think it spread to the whole country.
And I must come to the Mothman festival one year. Adding to my list. Don't look Mary, but my top item on the To Do before I Die List is Whale Watching. And why do I call it "Before I Die List"? Is my "After I Die List too full?

*mary* said...

Lol. I actually love whales. I think they are so cool, but the thought of being NEAR one gives me the vapors.
(What are teh vapors, exactly? I don't know. If I stay clear of whales I won't have to find out!)

*mary* said...

Lol, I wrote "teh."

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