Monday, August 25, 2008

Violet's Food Allergies

Today Violet visited with her new allergy/ ear, nose and throat
doctor. This was basically a check-up to monitor her food allergy symptoms,
which were confirmed by a skin prick test at her nine month pediatric
appointment. All this time I have been struggling to make sure she avoids
all milk and egg products and derivatives, instructing anyone around
her on the proper use of the Epi-Pen Jr. should an emergency arise, and
trying to find nutritious fatty foods to help her gain healthy weight.
Just when I felt like I had all that under control, this new doctor drops the R bomb on me:
Rotation Diet.
My head was spinning. I apologize for, and usually loathe, that cliche, however this is an insanely apt cliche for this instance. I just felt so overwhelmed by all this new information I was actually dizzy.

According to this
food allergy website:

Rotation diets are necessary for patients with multiple
allergies because if you have overt allergies to many foods, it is likely that
you have slight, subclinical allergies to many other foods that you consider
safe. Eating them on a rotated basis reduces your exposure to them and hopefully
will help preserve your tolerance for them.


Rotation diets may help prevent the development of allergies to new foods. Any food, if eaten repetitively, can cause food allergies in allergy-prone individuals.

The reason this has me freaking out (besides that I'm generally highly strung)
is because A. Neither her pediatrician nor her former allergist bothered mentioning this at all, and B. This doctor says due to her existing food allergies she is more
likely to become allergic to other foods through repeated exposure. Specifically
I worry about soy. I thought she was doing well with soy milk,
but apparently I am just ensuring that soon she will have no other option but to
continue breastfeeding into her thirties (my sixties. Yeah.)
My main problem is not so much the food rotation, but the milk. What do I do on the three to four days she is not allowed to have soy? I started soy because she was not gaining weight on breastfeeding alone. I don't want her to lose weight. Damn. I mean, I could do soy, rice milk (if she'll drink it), possibly almond milk- if I get that okay'd... That is only three days. The items from day one cannot overlap into the following three days.
Now do you understand my reaction a little better? GAHHHHHHHrrrrrgggggggggg!
Well I have lots of research to do. I have about thirty tabs open to allergy sites. Any advice or references would be appreciated greatly!
Even better- if you are a dietitian, call me! (Well, at least comment. Please!)


Nicole' Happiness said...

Is she ok why didnt u call me when thid happend!!!! Now u got me freaking out call me when u get up when i go to school monday i'll talk to me RN tacher usally they know alittle more becouse of where they work one on one with the children more she works in ped's hopefully we can try diffrent foods dally call me asap i have an idiea but i dont know if u will be ok with it but if u are not i understand be calm and call me love ya and kiss little weloo

Annika said...

Does her dairy allergy extend to goat's milk? Most don't (though of course some do) and it is very nutritious!

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