Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pink Leopard, It's Like the New Prozac

I am philosophically opposed to imposing gender-specific colors, clothes and toys upon my daughter. Having said that, I admit that her bedroom furniture and much of her clothing is pinks and pastels. Is this because of some subconscious urge to lavish her with all the fun things I didn't have growing up, or because it is basically all I have to choose from when shopping for her? I'm not sure yet. I just realized this yesterday. Not to justify my giving in to the fluffy pinkness of it all, but one legitimate reason is that her room has pine walls and hardwood flooring, so bright colors do make it less dreary in there for her.

I have been looking for an area rug for her room since it is hardwood and it will be cold before long. It would be more comfortable for her to play on, too. Yesterday I checked a local outlet store and found only one rug that would be suitable for a child's room, and it happens to be a pink leopard print. Everything else was more suitable for, I don't know, Hell's waiting room. I questioned whether I should get it, but the need for her to have a comfy place to play superseded any scary mental images of her growing up to be some Anna Nicole-like pink swathed nightmare. It's just a damn rug, after all.
And look, she was very happy to have it. (Ignore the clutter of toys and strewn pieces of doll furniture. It's a work in progress.)

A pink nylon leopard had to die for this, but it is like so worth it. ;)


Nicole' Happiness said...

Thats my girl pretty in pink!!!! u want to give her everything u grew up with out and theres nothing wrong with that ur brother does the same thangs so it runs in the family!!!! love ya both hope to here from u soon love shannon

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