Thursday, June 17, 2010

FaceBook Ad FAILS

I spend way too much time over on FaceBook, not being a productive member of society. I know. Pathetic. BUT, while I was there I did screen grab these two ads to share with you!

First we have this ad which urges moms to go back to school. Naturally the photo for such an ad is... this bearded dude's mugshot.

Next we have another back to school ad. This one says "Too busy to go back to school?" Well, look at this fella. Yes, he has been busy! With a mustachioed sneer like that, and that killer sense of style, there is no doubt that this guy spends his days going on callbacks for roles in blaxploitation flicks. Invariably, he is cast as the jive-talking snitch who really has a heart of gold once you get to know him.

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Buzzardbilly said...

LMAO! Facebook ads kill me. I didn't know you were on Facebook. Someone said you weren't, I thought. I could be mixed up there. I will either find you or e-mail you mine.

Amber, theAmberShow said...

I'm pretty sure that, given the massive popularity of these ads as every blogger goes, "OMG THEY MESSED UP!" (especially that first one) that it was planned this way. Smart!

*mary* said...

Billy: I find myself drawn there, no matter what I get online to do. It's bad. Lol.

Amber: You are probably right. Those ads are kind of pricey, so I can't imagine someone accidentally placing the wrong photo on one. It is clever. OR- what if that first one means, "Moms- go back to school so you can support yourself and not have to look at this guy any more!" Haha. That would be hilarious if so.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Hilarious! I never see fun things on FB. Tell BB to search for you on my friend list. :-)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Interesting that these are the ads that they are targeting to you. I get ads about pizza.

Jennifer. said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I get the same ads, but it's just hilarious whenever someone else besides me describes them, lol.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

That is so strange and very scary. I understand the targeting thing. Laoch gives some perspective. Here you are a mom going to school and you get back to school ads. Laoch posts a lot of food recipes on his blog between writing other post and he receives pizza ads. Lois gets ads on middle age women. I don't FB but, I seem to recall some single women ads when I did.
Orwell was right.

M.W said...

That is so awesome....I have just been noticing this in the past few weeks.
Similar one for car insurance or mortgage whatever with some guy who looks about 105 and like he popped a handful of Zanax!
I always notice them when I'm looking at
You are the first person to say something about what I was thinking! :)
(Thanks for follwing my blog, btw! :) )

Autism Mom said...

I get the back to school ads too. And I think ads. I've never noticed the funny pics that you posted. Usually it's just somebody that looks "normal" and forgettable. So, have you seen anybody at college that resembles either of these gentlemen?

*mary* said...

M.W., thanks for joining the Legion of Awesome known as my followers! Okay, Handful of Awesome, but I'm working on Legion. ;)

Well, Lori, what do YOU think? The first one looks like somebody... Hmm. Who else do we know with long hair and beard like that? Haha!

Beaux- Orwell WAS right! We can always just not do it, but we do anyway.

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