Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Makeup Theory Workshops/ Sweet Libertine Cosmetics

I went to the Makeup Theory Workshops website yesterday after seeing on FaceBook that they were having a contest. The prize was four Sweet Libertine mineral eyeshadows, so I entered on a whim.

The Makeup Theory site is written by Todra Payne. The header says "Empowering Every Woman to be Beautiful," which I like. I looked through quite a bit of the blog and really enjoyed it. There is much more to it than just makeup. The stories she tells are interesting and I love that she appreciates "quirky beauty".

From her blog:

I like offbeat, quirky faces. Strong jaw lines, interesting hair textures, something international in its appeal.
Sweet Libertine Cosmetics started out as a little shop on Etsy ran by Sarah Waller from her apartment. Demand was so great that she recently had to get a new workspace to fill the orders. I knew about the shop because musician Amanda Palmer had mentioned it at one time (and SLC even makes Amanda Palmer-inspired eyeshadows). I really like the entrepreneurial spirit of Sarah at Sweet Libertine. I'm glad she's doing well.

I was sort of a tomboy growing up and really have only begun experimenting with makeup as an adult. Eyeshadows are the most fun to play with for me, so I was very excited to click over to the Makeup Theory Workshops site today and see that Little Weloos Mom was the winner! For once, I won something! Hooray!

[We all remember the horrible disappointment I felt after losing Michelle's awesome sock zombie contest. She's hilarious, so I forgive her for not fixing the results in my favor. The vast ocean of the Interwebs can be a cruel mistress, but if you keep casting out your line you will eventually be validated (or catch a nasty virus).]

Thank you, Todra from Makeup Theory Workshops and Sarah at Sweet Libertine Cosmetics! (And of course the random name chooser!) Both sites are linked above. You should check them out.

***Edited to add:

Since I probably permanently alienated my two or three male readers with this post about makeup I may as well show the colors I chose!


Acmon Blue, Blue Emperor Dragonfly, Leather & Lace, and Cafe Au Lait.

The prices are very reasonable, ladies. Go look!


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Blue Emperor Dragonfly sounds truly alarming!

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