Sunday, March 28, 2010

Indian Food, But No Book Store...This Time

I am back from visiting my family. As the title already told you, I didn't make it to the Book Loft this trip, but I am definitely going back when we have more time to explore that place. All 32 rooms! I did get my Indian food, from Udipi Cafe. I have to say that although it was good it didn't live up to Nawab in Huntington, the place I usually go. I had a nice visit with my sister and her daughters and then my mom, Violet and I drove back to her house in southern Ohio so I could visit the rest of my family.

I have been home since Wednesday but I have been busy painting my living room. Good lord, if you need a work out that is where it's at! I think I lost five pounds and I'm still sore. Also, I finally got my new couch! I haven't taken a picture of it yet to show you, and right now I am sitting on it folding laundry (well, I was until I grabbed this here laptop and decided to update you finally). I will take a picture as soon as the laundry is cleared off. I love it.

Here are some pictures from the road home.

Sunset behind my sister's house the night before we left there.

The best part of road trips: gas station food. The only time it is acceptable!

This photo was taken in the same lot the gas station was on. Someone thought it was a good idea to start a huge fire 30 feet from gas pumps.

Some cows lounging before the sun comes all the way up.

Right before this sign was one that said "We have salt!" I don't know what's going on there.

What you see above is just part of the huge complex that is Rod Parsley's World Harvest church. It is like a stadium and an airplane hangar annexed to a compound, but it is a church. They have credit card swipes at the end of each pew, no lie. This photo was taken almost half a mile down the road because I didn't have my camera ready.

Apparently this gun show is a big deal.

I had to get a picture of these guys moving this old couch. It reminds me of a smaller cleaner version of the old beast we just replaced.

These pics aren't too shabby seeing that they were taken while speeding down the highway, through the passenger side window. You can definitely tell which ones were taken after the sun was fully up.

Finally at Mamaw and Pop-pop's house!


Sidd said...

I've been wanting to take a trip and now I feel like I have. LOVED the pics and trip notes. This is the way I like to travel. :)

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