Monday, September 28, 2009

Say Cheez-Whiz! Here's Some Pictures, Yo!

Here's Violet's new camera-ready look. She thinks it is hilarious to smile and then hurry and scrunch her face up just as I take the picture. Oooooh yeah. She's a riot.
And apparently she's Irish, if you go by the necklace she has on there. Here she is on the steps at her friend Breanna's house. I call this one "Lemon Face Lollygagging on a Staircase". Duchamp, you've got nothing on this!

The one photo I did manage to get sans scrunch was this little gem. It reminds me of some between take candid shot from Laugh-In for some reason. Maybe it's the groovy paisley and the flippity-do hair.

And here is the new doggy, shown here without glowing eyes, which I guess scared some of you into making mean comments last time. You know who you are! She's a good pup.


Laoch of Chicago said...

That's a mighty fine necklace!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Wow, that just reminded me of Jenifer when she was that age. Every time we tried to take her picture she did the same thing. Later on, when she was trying to learn how to wink she did the whole scrunched up face thing too.
Your daughter looks pretty cute.

Sidd said...

There's a lot of pink and purple going on here. Even the pup is sitting on it.
I must say though, Violet wears it well. She is a cutie! Hey, even the blog text is pink. I LOVE it!

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